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Forex trading is very hard to master alone, that’s why I created this community to help eachother grow.

Live trading – Reflection Sessions – Emotion Control


Master Mind Over Emotions

One of the most difficult things in trading is controlling your own mind. Emotional control is very important in trading, because having control lets you create habits. Without control bad habits are created which causes a trader to fail continuously. Inside this community you'll learn how to gain control of your emotions.

Daily Live Streams

Livestreams are part of what is shown in and outside the community. Here we show you live on the charts what we look for and where we look at. Community members also get access to zoom, which gives the member a better experience while attending with the possibility to ask more in-depth questions.

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Meet the creator of this community Luke Trades London

Luke has been trading the markets succesfully now for several years. Over that time period he's gained his experience and knowledge and the LTL community makes it possible to share this with others. Good and easy accesseable and always happy to share his ideas.

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